School Finance Newsletter

School Finance Newsletter



Optional five-year forecast revision period open

The EMIS optional five-year forecast update period will be open through March 31, 2014. During this time districts have the opportunity to update and re-submit their October FY14 forecast information if necessary. Submitters should note that both portions of the forecast, the QF and the QN, must be submitted each time a correction or update is made in EMIS. Questions about the five-year forecast process may be directed to


Home school authorization required

The most recent budget bill (Am. Sub. H.B 59) amended Revised Code section 3365 to allow home-schooled students to participate in the postsecondary enrollment options (PSEO) program and authorized $250,000 in fiscal year 2015 for this purpose.

Please be aware that the PSEO application process for home-schooled students will require the parent or guardian to provide a copy of the authorization letter pursuant to OAC 3301-34-03(C)(1) that excuses the applicant from compulsory education. It is anticipated that applications for home school students wishing to participate in PSEO in the following school year will be accepted between May 15 and June 15. 

More information about PSEO for home-schooled students will be communicated and posted to the ODE webpage as it becomes available. 


Take action on missed days

A number of districts have already experienced a high number of weather-related closings. There are two things that a school district can do this school year to address days missed due to bad weather.

First, the school district can apply to the Ohio Department of Education for a waiver of the length of the school district’s calendar when hazardous weather conditions results in closing schools. However, the district still must provide 175 days of instruction.

Second, a school district has the option to make up three calamity days via online instruction or blizzard bags which make lessons and homework available at home. The department will still accept plans for 2013-2014 school year. 


Transportation: T-1 reports must be completed by Jan. 31

Some districts are amending their T-1 report for FY-14. As a reminder, the report must be completed by Jan. 31, 2014. This includes the signature and submission process. Please make sure that the final step of submitting the report, is completed by the deadline. Reports that are signed but not submitted may not be approved in a timely manner and will delay any payments that might be forthcoming for the districts. Any district having questions or concerns, should contact the pupil transportation office at