School Finance Newsletter

School Finance Newsletter

March 2017


Tuition Update

The new web-based tuition application system is now available. You must complete all SF-14 and SF-14H applications through this system. To access the new system, log in to ODDEX and select "Tuition" from the program list. The link to the manual and ODDEX information and guidance is on the Department’s website. If you need additional assistance, contact your school finance area coordinator.

Roles in OEDS to access to the tuition system and performance functions:

  • Assistant treasurer: Update editable fields, apply flags, remove flags and write comments;
  • Business manager: Read only;
  • Commenter – Tuition: Write comments;
  • Coordinator – EMIS: Read only;
  • Data view – Tuition: Read only;
  • Director – EMIS: Read only;
  • Superintendent: Update editable fields, apply flags, remove flags and write comments;
  • Supervisor – EMIS: Read only;
  • Treasurer: Update editable fields, apply flags, remove flags and write comments;
  • Verifier – Tuition: Update editable fields, apply flags, remove flags and write comments.

Open Enrollment

Reminder to enter your Open Enrollment, if you haven't done so. The deadline is March 31. Use the link below to enter your Open Enrollment. 

Catastrophic Costs

The catastrophic cost program is now open for traditional school districts, community schools and joint vocational school districts. Districts can use the program to submit reimbursement requests for school year 2015-2016 costs that exceeded the amount set by the state to educate K-12 students with disabilities in Categories 2-6.
In most cases, for traditional school districts, these are students who live in and are educated by the district. However, if another school district or career-technical center educates the student and files excess cost against the resident school district, the resident district may request catastrophic cost reimbursement of the cost that exceeds the amount set by the state. In addition, traditional districts may request catastrophic cost reimbursement when they have educated nonresident students with disabilities for whom they could not charge tuition and excess costs to the district of residence (ORC 3313.64(F)).
No changes have been made to the way districts claim catastrophic cost reimbursement, so the Fiscal Year 2014 Catastrophic Cost Manual and Instructions available on the Department’s Catastrophic Cost Reimbursement webpage are still current. However, districts should use only the FY16 spreadsheet to upload student information and costs to the program.
Districts may report FY16 costs from all funds when they request catastrophic cost reimbursement. Districts may report only expenditures from the General Fund for excess cost.
The deadline for filing requests for catastrophic cost reimbursement is April 28, 2017. Please submit your requests as soon as possible, so school finance area coordinators and Office for Exceptional Children staff members have time to review and approve the applications. Our goal is to approve applications in time for reimbursements to be paid before the end of FY17. Based on last year’s experience, this means the Ohio Department of Education must review and approve more than 11,000 applications.
Please contact our office or your area coordinator if you have questions.