School Finance Newsletter

School Finance Newsletter



ESC FY 2015 contracts documentation due May 27

Educational Service Centers (ESCs) with agreements under Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 3313.845 or ORC 3313.843 that include payment to the ESC in the form of a deduction from the city, local, or exempted village district need to submit those agreements to the Ohio Department of Education for FY 2015. A sample contract form is posted here. Both the district and ESC superintendent and treasurer must sign your contract, and it must specify the annual amount to deduct.

In order to ensure deductions are programed by July 1, ESCs that have not submitted multi-year agreements should send signed contracts to ODE by May 27. Please mail contracts to: 

Prabir Sarkar
Ohio Department of Education
25 South Front Street, MS 308
Columbus, OH 43215.

Any questions should be directed to Sarkar at (614) 728-7879 or .


Make updates to board-approved five-year forecasts by May 31

All city, local, exempted village and joint vocational school districts are required to submit an updated five-year forecast by May 31. The forecast should be approved by your board and submitted electronically through EMIS. Traditional districts are reminded of the following details regarding their submissions:

  • While the numeric five-year projections must be submitted through EMIS, districts continue to have the option of submitting forecast assumptions in PDF format via email. If choosing the email option, please be sure that your EMIS assumption submission section has this text: “Please visit the Ohio Department of Education website at”
  • PDF files should have this naming convention: DISTRICT_NAME-IRN, where all parts of the name are separated with an underscore followed by a dash and the IRN, with no spaces. For example, Newton Falls Exempted Village School District would be named NEWTON_FALLS-045567 and Newton Local would be NEWTON-048637. Note that school district type (city, local, exempted village, joint vocational) should not be part of the file name. Email PDF assumptions to Sonja Hunter at


 Data Reporting Reminders

This information was emailed May 16; it is repeated here for your convenience.

Fiscal Year 2014 Financial Data Reporting Period Timelines

The Education Management Information System (EMIS) reporting period for Fiscal Year 2014 expenditure and revenue data (Reporting Period H) is quickly approaching. As these data are now required by law to be included on the report cards published in late summer, the financial reporting period will be opening and closing earlier than in previous years. Reporting Period H opened May 2, 2014, and is scheduled to close Aug. 20, 2014.  

Uniform School Accounting System (USAS) Coding and Expenditure Standards in Effect for Fiscal Year 2014

Accurate coding of financial data is critical. As a reminder, the new expenditure standards are in effect and required for the 2013-2014 school year, in addition to any changes required in accordance to the USAS and the Auditor of State. Resources for coding financial data can be found on the department’s website at


Fiscal Year 2014 Financial Reports Available for Review
In addition to the financial data checks for errors and/or missing data that will be included on the General Issues and General Missing data reports generated by the Ohio Department of Education, your data also will be available for review via the Secure Data Center (SDC). Please coordinate with your superintendent and/or EMIS coordinator to obtain access to the SDC if you do not already have access. The SDC will allow you to preview the key financial metrics that will appear on the report card, including total expenditure per pupil and expenditures broken down by classroom vs. non-classroom.  


Fiscal Year 2014 Building-level Expenditures
In addition to district-level data in the SDC, the department will begin to drill down to building-level expenditures. If a district does not assign an OPU number to denote a specific building, the department will prorate the expenditures based on a district’s EMIS data, including student enrollment, classified and/or certified salary amounts, square footage, student transportation percentage or school lunch participation percentage. The basis for prorating expenditures will depend on the USAS function and object code used. More details of the proration methodology will be forthcoming. In the interim, please check the aforementioned EMIS data elements that will be used for proration or accuracy.


Publishing and Use of the Financial Data

In addition to publishing the financial data on the report card as required by law1, these data may be used for the governor’s effective and efficient schools recognition program2 and the performance management section3 on the department’s website.

For questions, please contact

1 Ohio Revised Code 3301.07 State board of education - powers and duties
2 Ohio Revised code 3302.22 Governor's effective and efficient schools recognition program

3 Ohio Revised Code 3302.26 Performance management section on department's public web site


Race to the Top Updates

  • Any proposed budget amendment changes to the RttT FY14 budget allocations must be entered into CCIP by June 13, 2014
  • FY14 budget allocations must be in a “Final Approved” status before June 30, 2014
  • For those LEAs not participating in the no-cost extension (Year 5), the RttT grant ends on September 23, 2014 and PCRs need to be received by Sept. 8, 2014
  • LEAs that want to spend any unspent funding from FY14 (carryover) must submit their FERs in CCIP, in order for the carry over funding to be moved from FY14 to FY15.  LEAs need to be aware that RttT budget allocations will not be loaded into CCIP in June 2014, but approved carryover funding in CCIP from FY14 will become the budget allocation in CCIP for LEAs for FY15.
  • RttT FERs (final expenditure reports) are due by Sept. 30, 2014