School Finance Newsletter

School Finance Newsletter



State fiscal year-end closing procedures announced

As in the past, the state’s accounting system will stop processing payments in mid-June for routine fiscal year-end closing procedures. Therefore, the department must adjust its timetable to approve payment cash requests before the fiscal year ends. To ensure timely payment, the ODE Office of Grants Management must receive June and/or July project cash requests by the following dates:

  • Paper requests (PCRs) by June 9; and
  • Requests through the CCIP by June 13 at noon.

The Office of Grants Management will process the requests as quickly as possible. To expedite the process, please attach support documentation if the advance or total reimbursement amount being requested is greater than 10% of the allocation.

Both June and July PCRs can be submitted during this time.  If you want to submit for these months separately, you must time submission of the requests appropriately.  The June PCR must be in paid status before you can submit the July request (due by June 13).  Another option is to submit one PCR which covers June and July expenses.  Under this scenario, the advance period must reflect July. 

Cash requests received after these deadlines are not guaranteed to be paid before the statewide shutdown and therefore will be made when the state accounting system is back online.  In addition, due to the large volume of requests during this time period, some payments may be delayed if there is a shortage in State appropriation (spending authority).  Payments will be processed in the order received and any payments that cannot be issued due to lack of appropriation will be processed after July 1.

Please remember that all cash requests must comply with the provisions of the Cash Management Improvement Act (34 CFR 80.21). To receive approval consideration, cash requests must be for immediate needs for the month designated. If a submitted cash request does not comply with the standards, it will be returned unapproved and may not be paid until after July 1. 

If you have questions regarding your cash requests, please contact your Grants Management Consultant - Sharon Herman (614) 466-4125, Connie Reynolds (614) 387-0431 or Yolanda Mitchell (614) 728-1568.


Transportation Notes

T-Report classes scheduled

One-day T-Report classes will be conducted June 10, 11, 12, 16 and 27 at a variety of locations throughout the state.  These classes are important; Unlike past classes, this year’s sessions will focus on the new budget bill funding for pupil transportation and the impact your EMIS data has on the dollars your district receives. T-Report explanations, clarifications, data entry, & common mistakes will be discussed. Registrations can be made through the OASBO website at

Forms Updates

T1-S forms no longer need to be filed for FY-14. This form and funding were eliminated during the last budget cycle.