Treasurer's Newsletter

Treasurer's Newsletter

September Newsletter


Final Expenditure Report Video Released

The Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Grants Management is pleased to announce the release of a new technical assistance video about how to submit final expenditure reports (FER) in the CCIP. This video provides helpful information about items such as submission deadlines, regulations, key terms and step-by-step instructions for completing the FER. To go directly to a specific section of the video, scroll down, click the Show More link and then click on Timings.

Instructions for Reporting Nonpublic Expenditures on the Final Expenditure Report (Consolidated Application Only)

Click here to find federal regulations and instructions about how to complete the nonpublic school final expenditures page.
In the August newsletter, the Department provided information about two new columns added to the FER Adjustments page in the consolidated funding application. These columns are used in conjunction with the FER nonpublic school expenditures page.  The instructions provided by clicking the link above will help guide you through the completion of the nonpublic schools FER expenditures page. 
It is important to remember the funds designated to be used by nonpublic schools are required to be used for nonpublic expenditures only. In other words, these amounts cannot be used for district expenditures.

Fiscal Year 2020 Funding Applications

Remember to check that all your organization’s FY20 funding applications have been submitted to the Department for review and approval. When a grantee submits an application to the Department as Authorized Representative Approved, the grant becomes substantially approved and receives a Substantially Approved Date. The Substantially Approved Date is the date legal obligations can be charged to the grant for expenses that meet the budget and grant requirements for the allowable use of funds.