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Articles for March 2016

  • Excess Cost and Catastrophic Cost update
  • Auxiliary Services Mobile and Modular Unit Replacement or Repair applications
  • T Report classes scheduled
  • FY2017 Payment Calculators and Simulations Coming Soon
  • Reminder: Projections generated by the calculators and simulations are estimates only 
  • FY2016 Bonus Payments scheduled
  • College Credit Plus Update
  • FY2015 Final #3 Adjustments in March Payments
  • FY15 Final #4 Adjustment and Data Appeals
  • Check for email on new Rapback procedure for educators

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Articles for February 2016

  • FTE Reports Now Available for FY16
  • Community School Payment Update
  • Bonus Payments Update

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December Articles

  • FY2015 Final #2 applied to FY2016 December Payment
  • FY2016 Flagging Begins
  • TPP/Deregulation Reimbursements Detailed

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Traditional Schools

  • SFPR Payments Calculations Reflect New Formula
  • Update on TPP Reimbursements

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Community Schools

  • October Payments Reflect Per-Pupil Changes
  • Note Updated FY 2016 Flags

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