Five Year Forecasts - Traditional Districts & JVSDs

The five-year forecast serves as a tool to communicate and assess the financial health of a school district. City, local, exempted village and joint vocational school districts are required to submit five-year forecasts twice annually to the Ohio Department of Education (see Ohio Revised Code 5705.391 and Ohio Administrative Code 3301-92-04) and may elect to submit additional updates at any time.

Each five-year forecast contains two components: 1) historical and projected financial data and 2) notes to explain any significant changes or “assumptions” the District used to develop the reported financial projections. For more detailed information about five-year forecast content, please visit the “How to Read a Five-Year Forecast” webpage.

Five-Year Forecast Part 1: Financial Data

Five-Year Forecast Part 2: Notes and Assumptions

Five-Year Forecast Analytics

The Cash Balance Analysis by fiscal year provides total expenditures, ending cash balance, cash as a percentage of expenditures and the five-year average of cash as a percentage of expenditures for each reported district. Cash as a percentage of expenditures is a measure of a district’s financial solvency. The amount of cash “savings” a district has may allow a district to more easily manage unplanned events or a short-term revenue loss. The nature of levy cycles may lead to high cash balances in some years and low cash balances in other years. Therefore, a five-year average also is displayed.

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