Learn More About E-Rate Funding

Who is eligible?

All Ohio K-12 schools and public libraries are eligible for E-Rate support. eTech Ohio provides planning, support and information to E-Rate program applicants and recipients.

How do I apply?

Visit USAC’s website to apply for annual discounts ranging from 20 to 90 percent on services and equipment. Those provided support through Ohio’s K-12 Network Program must complete USAC Forms 470, 471, 479, 486, and 472 to ensure they meet program requirements to receive discounts through the E-Rate program.

Learn More

E-Rate workshops and webinars are available and provide detailed information on access to funding and how to apply.

  • To join a 2011-2012 Winter E-Rate webinar session, click on the "Join" link within 30 minutes of its specified start time.
  • Click here to view the USAC Program Overview - PDF

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