Technology Planning Tool

Tptplanoverview.jpgCertified Technology Plans are required for  some parts of the federal E-Rate discount Program including Priority 2 Internal Connections and Basic Maintenance requests. The TPT guides districts in the development of an educational technology plan that meets the federal requirements. Technology plans are approved for three school years with the consolidated initiation date of July 1 and an ending date of June 30, corresponding to the federal E-Rate program funding year cycles.

The Ohio Department of Education serves as the state's certifying entity for Ohio K-12 public school district and community school technology plans. Non-public organizations must have their plan approved by an USAC approved reviewer.


Technology Planning Tool Login Screen

Archived Technology Plans and Certification Letters


Tutorial Video

The Technology Planning Tool (TPT) educational technology plan will guide you in:

  • Communicating how your organization is using, or plans to use, technology to enhance student learning.
  • Planning for curriculum alignment to technology academic content standards.
  • Integrating, assessing and planning as it pertains to instructional practices supporting Ohio's academic content standards.
  • Aligning with similar district-wide planning efforts (such as ODE’s Continuous Improvement Plan).
  • Leading your district’s technology team from the planning phase to full implementation.



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