Technology Planning Tool

The Technology Planning Tool (TPT) is being provided to Ohio K-12 public school districts and community schools to help plan for the facilitation of technology usage. As of the FCC Modernization Order dated July 23, 2014 technology plans are no longer a requirement for applying for the Federal E-Rate program.

The Technology Planning Tool (TPT) educational technology plan will guide you in:

  • Communicating how your organization is using, or plans to use, technology to enhance student learning.
  • Planning for curriculum alignment to technology academic content standards.
  • Integrating, assessing and planning as it pertains to instructional practices supporting Ohio's academic content standards.
  • Aligning with similar district-wide planning efforts (such as ODE’s Continuous Improvement Plan).
  • Leading your district’s technology team from the planning phase to full implementation.

Last Modified: 2/21/2017 4:19:45 PM