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Statewide Email 13-3


Welcome to Spring!!! This edition of the statewide e-mails contains:
  1. RFI Announcement link
  2. OAPT Spring Conference Follow-up
  3. Regional Road-E-O
  4. Advanced Driver Training Classes
  5. Train the Trainer Sessions for K through 3
  6. School Bus Registration Issues
1) RFI On The Web: As previously announced, the REQUEST FOR INFORMATION is now posted on the State of Ohio Procurement website. You may access this posting by clicking on the following link:
2) OAPT SPRING CONFERENCE UDPATE: Congratulations to the members and executive board of the Ohio Association for Pupil Transportation. In one of the largest attended spring conferences in memory, many great speakers, vendor products, and networking opportunities were experiences by all that attended. The new change in program format, location, and vendor displays received great responses. A new energy was evident and a renewed spirit of cooperation was evident the entire week of March 17 through March 20. The bar has been set high for the incoming president and new board, but we are sure they are up to the challenge. Congratulations again to OAPT for providing a great training, learning, and networking experience for Ohio’s pupil transportation professionals.
3) Just another reminder to mark your calendars for the 2013 Regional School Bus Driver Road-E-O Reminder: The 2013 regional school bus driver road-e-o will be held at various site locations May 4. Encourage your drivers to participate either as contestants or help support as judges. More information will be forthcoming.
4) Advanced Driver Training Classes dates set: Another reminder of the upcoming dates of June 11-12 and June 18-19 for the 2013 school bus drivers advanced training classes. The first session is scheduled for Centerville High School June 11-12. Solon High School will be the site of the June 18-19 session. Registrations and information forms are on the ODE website. Click on the link below to download the registration form.
5) Train the Trainer Sessions: In conjunction with the advanced driver training classes, an additional FREE training session will be offered. Thursday of each session is being set aside so that the pre-service instructors can provide a FREE Train the Trainer session for kindergarten through 3rd grade activities. Plan to send up to five of your best trainers and/or drivers to one of these sessions where ideas, techniques, and presentation skills can be discussed. The purpose is to provide new and improved ideas for presenting the kindergarten through 3rd grade safety training programs outside the normal ways it has been done. Not only will you have an opportunity to learn, but your trainers will have an opportunity to share what works and what doesn’t work. Registration can be made from the ODE website and completing the registration form. You may also register by contacting Carol Brandel in the ODE office and can be made for up to five attendees per district. Remember, the session is FREE, but seating and space is limited. Click on the link below to download the registration form.
6) BUS 5-DIGIT REGISTRATION ISSUES: Once again, some districts are having issues with registering their new school buses. Most of you will recall several years ago the duplication of the 5-digit bus registration numbers occurred. Bad news is that once again, we are experiencing this duplicated numbering. Districts must file a request for a new 5-digit registration number only once with the BMV. To do so, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the BMV have asked districts to provide the following information:
BMV needs the following information from the school :
  • Make/Model
  • Weight
  • Vin
  • Seating Capacity
  • Title #
  • Purchase Date
  • Previous ID #
  • Tax ID #
  • Point of contact (name, phone # and fax #)
  • All requests can be faxed to 614-387-3051. For further guidance the schools can call the special plates unit at 614-752-7518. Any agent can assist them. An HP32C will be issued to the district with the new 5-digit number for the vehicle. This 5-digit number then needs to be entered into the SFPS Bus Inventory module on the ODE site. (If you try to enter a new vehicle prior to a 5-digit registration number being issued by the BMV, use 999999 as the temporary bus registration number in the SFPS system.)
**Only send the request to the BMV once**
When a district disposes of a school bus, make sure it is disposed of within the SFPS Bus Inventory on the ODE website and that the school cancels their ID #’s as soon as they get rid of a bus. The proper form is an HP32E to delete the 5-digit registration number from the BMV records. Again, this HP32E needs to be filed at 614-387-3051 (BMV). Failure to do so will create problems for all parties and may affect the vehicle’s ability to be used for pupil transportation services. Below is a link to our web page where you can download the HP32E.
Questions or concerns with your vehicles 5-digit registration numbering need to be addressed to the BMV special plates unit at 614-752-7518.

On a lighter note

Puxatawney Phil is a marked groundhog. Just because he was wrong about the spring forecast, doesn’t mean we can relax with our student’s safety as we try to hurry spring. Continue to maintain your student’s safety in and around the buses. Keep your staff alert and attentive to the changes along their routes. Soon trees will be blooming and that previously clear site line along the intersection will have leaves blocking the view. Remind your drivers to be alert for the students outside the bus as warm weather encourages them to take advantage of the outside and warmer temperatures. As they play outside, their attention turns to fun rather than safety. It is up to each of us to take that extra time and to help keep them safe.
Just remember, you don’t have to mow snow!
Thank you all for the great efforts in providing safe transportation for the students of Ohio’s schools.
The adventure continues.
Roger Hardin
Pupil Transportation