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EMIS Newsflash – May 23, 2019

FY19 End of Year Student (S) Collection, v3
FY19 SOES End of Year Student (S) Collection, v5
FY19 OELPA Assessment (A) Collection, v3

FY19 DPR Growth Assessment (A) Collection, v3


EMIS Newsflash – May 22, 2019

SDC Release Notes as of May 22, 2019


EMIS Newsflash – May 21, 2019

FY19 Spring Alternate Assessment (A) Collection, v3
EMIS ITC Conference Call Notes


Know! Every Bite Counts

GettyImages-915075870.jpgDiet and nutrition are not just about our waistlines. Each has a huge impact on our mental wellness. The same holds true for our young people. What goes into their growing and developing bodies affects both their physical and mental health.


EMIS Newsflash – May 17, 2019

SDC Release Notes as of May 17, 2019

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