Pupil Transportation Office Contacts

The mission of the Ohio Department of Education's Pupil Transportation Office is to provide guidance, assistance and training to all pupil transportation personnel and to provide programs directed toward achieving the highest level of safety, efficiency and compliance. Contacting our office is easy! Send an e-mail message to schoolbus@education.ohio.gov

Office Personnel

  • Brian Jones, Executive Director, School Finance/Grants Management
  • Carol Brandel, Administrative Assistant
  • Robert Harmon, Consultant
  • Manuel Brooks, Consultant



25 S. Front St., MS 308, Columbus, OH 43215-4183

  • (877) 644-6338 Toll Free
  • (614) 466-4230 Direct Line
  • (614) 466-8700 Facsimile


Sixty percent of Ohio's students ride on school buses each day and nearly 15,000 buses provide safe transportation for children in the state. National studies show school buses are the safest method for transportation young people – nearly 30 times safer than passenger cars.

The success of school transportation in Ohio is a result of the contributions of all the members of school transportation teams, including school administrators, drivers, mechanics, secretaries, teachers, students and parents. Recognizing the challenges and the resources needed to continue to provide safe and effective pupil transportation, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) provides fiscal and technical support to Ohio schools.

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