Community School Payment Report Calculator

School Finance Payment Report (SFPR) Simulation Assumptions: Simulation Calculator for Community School, STEM, and E-School

Version 10/21/13

The link below will allow you to download an excel spreadsheet providing a Community School, STEM and E-School Simulation Calculator” for FY2014. The purpose of this calculator is to generate estimates of state foundation funding by allowing the user to enter the user’s own estimates of student enrollment including, total student full time equivalents (FTE), special education student category 1-6, economic disadvantaged students, LEP categories, K-3 FTE, and career tech category 1-5. The foundation aid is calculated using formula established in Am. Sub. H.B. 59, the FY14-15 Budget Bill.

It is important to understand that the spreadsheet’s calculations are just estimates. The actual state funding that schools will receive in FY2014 depends on a number of variables.

To view the simulation for a single school, please save the simulation calculator on your computer before changing FTE figures. Then, enter the IRN for the district in the highlighted IRN field (cell C7) on the work sheet “SFPR FY2014.” To change the factors used in the simulation, open the worksheets according to the chart below. Please read the instructions sheet before changing any factor.



Factors that May Be Changed


Schools and Statewide IRN (highlighted cell)

ADM Details

Total Student FTE, Special Education student categories one to six, LEP categories one to three, career Tech categories one to five, K-3 FTE, Economic Disadvantaged ADM

ESC Deduction

Schools may change the ESC deduction amount.


To download the calculator, please click on the link below

Simulation excel file will be here:

The worksheet includes “default” numbers for the variables that are changeable. These are not the correct numbers for the school! You will need to enter your own estimates of the factors for the calculator to generate your estimate of state foundation aid! The default numbers generally are consistent with data used for the Legislative Service Commission simulations in July 2013, though some factors have been updated. The actual foundation payment for schools will use different estimates, and of course the final payments to schools in FY2014 will be based on actual data.

Below is an explanation of the data sources for the “default” numbers:

Student Data:

  • Total student FTE is based on FY2013 used for FY13 foundation funding.
  • Special education students in categories one to six are based on FY2013 data.
  • Career Tech students in categories one to five are based on FY2013 data.
  • Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students in categories one to three are based on FY2013 data.
  • Economic Disadvantage and K-3 FTE are based on FY2013 data.

Additional Items:

  • ESC deduction is taken from the FY2014, September payment.


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