ESC Simulation Tool - FY2013

Simulation Tool for Education Service Center (ESC)
Version 11/3/2012

The link below will allow ESCs to download an excel spreadsheet containing a simulation of the “ESC Funding Simulation” for FY2013. The purpose of this tool is to allow ESCs to complete estimates of changes in state funding related to changing districts student enrollment including regular student population, total ADM grade k-12, per-pupil amounts, staff position codes, degree levels, semester hours, employees experience levels, extended working days, and employees approved units. The estimates that are derived assume all other variable are constant. 

It is important to understand that the spreadsheet’s revised calculations are just estimates. The actual state funding that ESCs will receive in FY2013 depend on a number of variables. 

To view the simulation for a single ESC, please save the simulation tool on your computer before changing any factor. Then, enter the IRN for the ESC in the highlighted IRN field on the worksheet tilled “ESC Payment Summary.” To change the factors used in the simulation, open the worksheets according to the chart below. Please read the instructions sheet before changing any factor.

Worksheet Factors that May Be Changed
ESC Payment Summary ESCs IRN (highlighted cell)
J40404 Report Regular Student Population, Total ADM K-12, Per-Pupil Amounts $6.50/Above, adding school district to an ESC’s list
J40403 Data

SF-Codes (get from staff position codes worksheet), employee’s degree levels, semester hours, experiences levels, extended days, and approved units

Additional Contracts Contract Amounts, District Names and IRN


Simulation Data and Factor Assumptions for FY2013

  • Regular student population is based on FY2013 November # 2 payment
  • Total ADM grade K-12 is based on FY2013 November # 2 payment
  • Per-Pupil amounts $6.50/above is based on FY2013 November # 2 payment
  • State Per-Pupil amounts $37 for Single ESC or 40.52 for Multiple ESC - 85% of FY2012
  • Staff related data (degree level, Semester hours, experience level, extended working days, and approved units) is based on FY2013 November # 2 payment.

ESC Simulation Tool - FY2013 Documents

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