Bridge Form Simulation Tool - FY13

Simulation Tool for Local, City, and Exempted Village School Districts

Version 9/7/2012

The link below will allow districts to download an excel spreadsheet containing a simulation of the “Bridge Form” for FY2013. The purpose of this tool is to allow districts to complete estimates of changes in state funding related to changing enrollment including regular students, open enrollment and community school students. The estimates that are derived assume all other variable are constant.

It is important to understand that the spreadsheet’s revised calculations are just estimates. The actual state funding that districts will receive in FY2013 depend on a number of variables, including a district’s relative position in comparison with other districts. Therefore, changes to data in other districts will impact individual districts and this tool cannot predict all other possible scenarios.

For example statewide per-pupil adjustment amount (line J) is dependent on the enrollment student count in all other school districts of the state, as well as the sum of FY11 adjustments made by ODE in FY13.

To view the simulation for a single district, please save the simulation tool on your computer before changing ADM figures. Then, enter the IRN for the district in the highlighted IRN field on the worksheet tilled “Bridge Form.” To change the factors used in the simulation, open the worksheets according to the chart below. Please read the instructions sheet before changing any factor.

Worksheet Factors that May Be Changed
Bridge Form Districts and Statewide IRN (highlighted cell)
ADM Details FY13 Districts Total ADM, JVS ADM, and Contract Voc ADM
OE ADM Details FY13 Districts Open enrollment student Entering & Leaving
CS ADM Details FY13 Districts Community School enrollment
Rated Excellent $17.00 PP Subsidy Payment for High Performing Districts


The following FY2011 factors CANNOT be changed on the simulation tool. However, ODE will update these factors throughout the year, so be sure to check the website for revisions if you are re-doing the simulation at a later date.

Simulation Data Factors for FY2011

  • Total Number of student (average daily membership) is based on the October 2010 count and it does not include preschool special education.
  • Charge-Off Property valuations for FY2012 funding are based on certified valuation and tax data provided by the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) for the tax year 2009
  • Other data used for the FY11 PASS Form amount is taken from June #2 payment, and represents the line titled “State Resources for the Foundation Funding Program.” This amount is included all state fiscal stabilization fund (SFSF) stimulus funds in FY2011. 

Simulation Data Factors for FY2013

  • Total average daily membership (ADM) is based on the FY2013 August # 1 payment.
  • Open enrollment students are based on the FY2013 August # 1 payment.
  • Community School students are based on the FY2013 August # 1

Transfer and Adjustments:

  • The ESC deduction is taken from the FY2013 August # 1 payment
  • STEM, Other Adjustment, and Education Choice scholarship are taken from the FY2013 August # 1 payment.

Disclosure Items:

  • Special education allocation of state resources, career-tech education allocation of state resources, and gifted education of state resources are based on the FY2013 August # 1

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