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eTranscriptLogo.jpgWant to cut paperwork at your school? Want to make college enrollment easier for students?

Ohio eTranscript has the solution.
Why eTranscript?

  • The typical high school student who plans on pursuing additional education applies to between five and 10 colleges. In most Ohio high schools, transcripts are still printed by staff and sent via standard mail.
  • The Ohio Department of Education offers Ohio eTranscript. It is a fast and convenient way for schools and students to send electronically high school transcripts to public and private colleges, around the state and throughout the United States.


  • Saves money and time for schools. Transcript management can be done with just a few mouse clicks - no paper forms to mail.
  • Students quickly register online and can send a transcript anywhere.
  • Convenient, online access available 24/7.
  • Secure and FERPA-compliant data transfer.
  • Students are notified automatically when a transcript is sent or received.
  • A proven technology used by 3,000 high schools to transmit transcripts to 2,500 higher education institutions.

Getting Started

What to expect after registration

Parchment will:  

  • Contact the school to schedule implementation
  • Understand and implement any IT components that might be needed
  • Train staff and administrators
  • Partner with schools to launch and ensure successful adoption

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