Financial Literacy

Ohio Revised Code requires Financial Literacy Standards for students in K-12. During the winter and spring of 2018, Ohio educators updated the high school Financial Literacy Standards and expanded the Financial Literacy Standards to include grades K-8. The K-12 Financial Literacy standards were approved by the State Board of Education in February of 2018. In addition to the standards that are available now, the work of updating the model curriculum is currently ongoing and will provide additional resources to help educators learn about, and begin using, the standards. The model curriculum includes the content elaborations and expectations for learning with further guide instruction in the classroom. The model curriculum will also include resources to help support instruction.

Ohio's Learning Standards in Financial Literacy (adopted 2017)

Financial Literacy FAQ

Common questions about financial literacy are answered in the Financial Literacy FAQ

Middle Grades (7-8) Financial Literacy Requirements

State law 3313.6015 requires all public school districts, community schools and chartered nonprofit schools to adopt a formal Board Resolution, more information here.

Financial Literacy Resources


Ohio's Learning Standards in Financial Literacy (2012)

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