Middle Grades (7-8) Financial Literacy


State law 3313.6015 requires all public school districts, community schools and chartered nonprofit schools to adopt a formal Board Resolution and submit it to the Ohio Department of Education outlining how districts will meet the requirements by providing instruction in financial literacy in grade seven and/or eight.

Each district is required to send evidence of that formal resolution along with the plan for compliance and each time a district changes or updates how financial literacy instruction is provided to their students, they must re-submit the resolution.

District School Board approved financial literacy resolutions should be submitted to: Middle.Grades.Financial.Literacy@education.ohio.gov

Sample Resolution

WHEREAS the ________ Board of Education believes in and supports the importance of teaching financial literacy and college and career readiness; and
WHEREAS the _______Board of Education believes that preparing students for post-secondary education, equipping them with the prerequisite skills needed for a successful career, and teaching students to become financially literate, including the ability to read, analyze, manage and communicate about the personal financial conditions that affect material well-being, and will position them for success in later life;
THEREFORE, be it resolved that the _______ Board of Education supports and believes strongly in the importance of teaching financial literacy in grades seven and/or eight.

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