Fine Arts Standards

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Survey for 2020 Draft Fine Arts Standards

The survey is to provide feedback on the 2020 draft fine arts standards. It is open for public comment from Thursday, April 16 until Friday, May 15 at 11:59 PM.  We appreciate all feedback, as your responses will be considered when finalizing the standards. 

The survey consists of Likert scale questions, plus open comments if desired.  The draft standards PDF can be downloaded for ease of viewing, or viewed online.

Dance Drama Music Visual Arts Media Arts (NEW!)
Dance Survey Drama Survey Music Survey Visual Arts Survey Media Arts Survey
2020 Draft Dance Standards 2020 Draft Drama Standards 2020 Draft Music  Standards 2020 Draft Visual Arts Standards 2020 Draft Media Arts Standards
2012 / 2020 Dance Comparison Document 2012 / 2020 Drama Comparison Document 2012 / 2020 Music Comparison Document 2012 / 2020 Visual Arts Comparison Document N/A 

Learn about the standards revision process

Standards Revision Advisory and Working Groups 

The writing and advisory groups for fine arts met to review, revise and write the proposed 2020 Ohio’s Learning Standards for Fine Arts in respect to the five disciplines (visual arts, dance, drama/theatre, music, media arts). The Ohio Department of Education would like to sincerely thank all those involved in this process for their time and efforts. 

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