Ohio World Language Teacher of the Year

Coral (Lee) Link Bishop

The Ohio Department of Education would like to congratulate Lee Bishop on her selection as the Ohio World Language Teacher of the Year by OFLA (Ohio Foreign Language Association). 

Lee is a Japanese, ESL and International Seminar teacher at Columbus North International School in Columbus, Ohio. She has over 20 years of teaching experience, ranging from elementary school through university levels in a variety of learning contexts that encompass career and technical education, summer programs and alternative education programs. As part of her dedication to helping students acquire global competence, Lee advises a cohort of students from her school participating in the Columbus Council on World Affairs’ Global Scholars Diploma Program, regularly plans and leads student travel abroad, and was instrumental in creating the first Korean world language program at the high school level in the state of Ohio.
In addition to her work in the classroom, Lee has also been active professionally. She is a past President of the Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese (OATJ), served in various roles as a member of the Board of Directors for the Ohio Foreign Language Association (OFLA), was a contributor to both the national ACTFL World Language Standards and the State of Ohio World Language Standards, and was honored as the 2009 International Educator of the Year by the Columbus Council on World Affairs.
Lee has earned degrees in International Business (B.S.), Japanese Pedagogy and Foreign/Second Language Education (M.Ed), and is currently a Ph.D candidate at the Ohio State University. Her research interests include pre- and in-service teacher education, trauma-informed education practices in the World Language classroom and impactful Pre-K-12 and post-secondary education with a global focus.
Lee is a talented and respected colleague whose dedication to her students and her teaching is unsurpassed. Her principal is truly “impressed with her degree of care. When you first walk into Ms. Bishop’s classroom, you immediately feel like it is a place where students want to be. In my educational experience, it is rare for a teacher to be able to know, apply and practice, with success, research based methodologies on classroom rigor, differentiation, and student engagement at the same time.”
She is also highly regarded by her students, who wrote, “Some of the words we would use to describe Sensei are: omoshiroi (fun, interesting), yasashii (nice), sugoi (excellent), incredible, influential and inspiring. We think Sensei deserves recognition for many reasons. First, she teaches a language that is unusual and totemo muzukashii (very difficult!), and ALL students learn something from her. Sensei is extremely passionate about teaching the Japanese language and culture. A parent of a daughter with Asperger’s Syndrome admires her work ethic and attitude. “She is a teacher who makes a difference.”
Lee is a talented and respected colleague whose dedication to teaching is unsurpassed. She served as the representative for Ohio as the state’s nominee for the 2018 Central States Conference’s regional Teacher of the Year competition in Milwaukee, WI. Congratulations, Lee Bishop!

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