Foreign Language Advisory Council

Substitute Senate Bill 311 required the State Board of Education to establish a Foreign Language Advisory Council. The members of the Council, who represent Ohio’s many diverse sectors, were selected by the State Board of Education from recommendations and applications submitted to the Ohio Department of Education.

The Council was charged with developing a statewide foreign language implementation plan that was submitted to legislators and policymakers on Dec. 31, 2007. Legislative action would be required in order to implement several of the recommendations in the plan.

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The U.S. Departments of Defense, Labor and Commerce asked the Ohio State University (OSU) Language Flagship to convene supply- and demand-side stakeholders to articulate Ohio’s language needs. Two working groups were formed to address the needs that came out of a summit held on June 26, 2007, in Columbus. Texas and Oregon also produced 2007 Language Summit Roadmaps. The three reports will be used at the federal level to inform language policy. To access Ohio’s Roadmap, hosted on OSU's Web site, click here.

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