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EMIS Newsflash – September 18, 2018

Data Appeal Window Open for 2018 Funding Data
Data Review and Appeal Windows Open for 2018 Financial Data



Know! To create an after school prevention plan

A new school year is a time of transition, especially for students entering ThinkstockPhotos-499487432.jpgmiddle or high school or students attending a new school. Studies show that times of transition increase a child’s risk for substance use.


Know! The Risk Factors Associated with Drug Addiction

More than 20 million Americans are currently in recovery from addiction, which is something to celebrate! Tragically, however, more than 20 million more Americans are currently facing addiction. Have you ever wondered why some people become addicted to alcohol and drugs, while others don’t?


EMIS Newsflash – September 11, 2018

SDC Now Open
SDC Release Notes


EMIS Newsflash – September 10, 2018

Secure Data Center (SDC) Closed this Afternoon for Update

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