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The time a child spends in school is precious and should ensure all aspects of a child’s well-being are addressed, including the physical, social, emotional and intellectual aspects. Each Child, Our Future, Ohio’s strategic plan for education identifies that “each child should have access to relevant and challenging academic experiences and the educational resources necessary." The Ohio Department of Education believes access to high-quality instructional materials is an example of our commitment to equity and is working with districts to support them in the selection and implementation. The Office of Learning and Instructional Strategies is committed to leading this work.

Teachers are among one of the most powerful advocates for our children. The instructional materials teachers choose to expose their students to matters. Now more than ever, teachers deserve great instructional materials, so they can focus on doing what they do best: getting students excited to learn. As teachers move through the pandemic, they will face new challenges in getting every student on track. There is mounting evidence that shows when teachers have high-quality instructional materials, they can focus their time and energy on addressing the individual needs of each student. As schools move forward, teachers will have students coming in at all different levels. Teachers deserve resources that challenge, prepare and empower students. All students deserve high-quality instructional materials. 

High-Quality Instructional Materials

As a local control state, districts and schools in Ohio make important decisions regarding instructional materials. There are growing efforts to support this decision-making process. EdReports is one tool to determine whether instructional materials are aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards in English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. Visit Ohio Materials Matter powered by EdReports to locate your selected curricula.  

If your instructional materials are not included on EdReports, other tools such as the IMET or Equip rubrics provide a guide to evaluating curriculum. For individual components of curriculum, see Ohio's Quality Review Rubrics for English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science as additional tools to use. These rubrics were created based upon the framework of the Equip Rubric. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the Frequently Asked Questions about High-Quality Instructional Materials for more information. Please contact OHMaterialsMatter@education.Ohio.gov with additional questions or comments.

Department Resources

Ohio Curriculum Support Guide was developed in partnership with Instruction Partners. Our schools are full of children with amazing potential. We depend on our teachers to deliver creative and rigorous lessons that reach all students. But getting kids excited about learning is hard work and too often we ask teachers to do it all on their own. Research shows that providing teachers with high-quality instructional materials is an effective strategy for increasing student learning. However, teachers need much more than a box of new materials to ensure great teaching and learning take place. They need support from a team of leaders who know how to select, prepare for, and support the use of great materials. This website is a collection of insight, resources, and lessons from other systems that have walked this journey. 

Ohio Materials Matter was developed in partnership with INFOhio and EdReports. It is a database of reviews of instructional materials that district leaders and educators can explore to find materials that fit their curriculum needs. Reviews available through Ohio Materials Matter are from EdReports, which provides expert reviews of K-12 English Language Arts, Math, and Science instructional materials.

The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is a system framework of collaborative team protocols to analyze data, research aligned improvement strategies, implement and monitor strategies, provide feedback to teams and determine effectiveness based on performance and implementation data. Educators will find resources within the Continuous Improvement Toolkit.

The Learning Management System provides free courses and professional development on important state education initiatives for educators who have active or pending, Ohio, prekindergarten-12, Department-issued licenses or permits and who have fully set-up their OH|ID account.

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