Goals of the Ohio Math & Science Partnership

The goals and objectives of the Ohio Mathematics and Science Program (MSP) are aligned to the federal guidelines for MSP. The expectations of both the federal and Ohio MSP programs are that partnerships deliver high-quality, sustained professional development to educators that results in measurable gains in student achievement. The goals of the Ohio MSP program include:
  • Improving the capacity of Ohio’s mathematics and science educators to implement the Ohio Academic Content Standards and improving the academic achievement of all students, particularly of those students who have been traditionally underserved and those in high-need Local Education Agencies (LEAs) by:
    • Building knowledge and use of the academic content standards and Ohio’s assessment system;
    • Addressing the role of the process standards for mathematics and science in instruction and assessment; and
    • Examining the progression of content knowledge and expectations across grade levels.
  • Developing deeper mathematics and science content knowledge for topics that may be difficult to teach and learn by:
    • Engaging teachers in active learning experiences to develop understanding and demonstrate achievement of the standards;
    • Helping teachers’ understand student learning and assisting teachers in developing strategies to reflect on what students know and effective ways to address common misconceptions; and
    • Providing exemplar activities designed to build and demonstrate concepts and skills aligned with the benchmarks and indicators.
  • Modeling best practices and research-based, content-specific pedagogy, including how to use a variety of assessment strategies by:
    • Utilizing the expertise of higher education faculty to ensure coherence and accuracy of content and in the development of concepts and skills;
    • Collaborating with master teachers and those with expertise in professional development to ensure the program reflects learning theory and research; and
    • Examining Ohio’s model curriculum, the principles of standards-based instruction and effective uses of technology.

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