Model Curriculum for Social Studies

From the inception of the original model curriculum, educators statewide have helped the Department meet its obligation in state law to develop this resource. The purpose of Ohio’s model curriculum is to add clarity to the standards and to support educators in planning and implementing their local curriculum. The model curriculum is not a complete curriculum nor is it mandated for use.

Ohio's Model Curriculum for Social Studies, adopted March 2011

Ohio teachers worked in teams in 2010 to suggest instructional strategies and resources that align with the Ohio's Learning Standards in Social Studies. The State Board of Education adopted the results of their work, Ohio’s Model Curriculum for Social Studies, in March 2011. 

2011 Model Curriculum by grade level and course

Ohio's Model Curriculum for Social Studies, adopted June 2019

To assist with the update effort in 2018, educators who are content experts in Ohio’s Learning Standards volunteered to serve on multiple writing teams. These educators, from kindergarten through higher education, represented various regions of the state and types of schools. Therefore, the updated model curriculum will reflect best practices and the expertise of many Ohio educators.


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