Social Studies Transition Tools

Ohio’s K-12 Social Studies Learning Standards Crosswalk - The crosswalk describes the standards revisions, allowing educators to see the 2018 and 2010 standards side-by-side and identify key differences that will impact instruction.

Suggested Timeline for Transitioning to the Revised 2018 Ohio’s Learning Standards for Social Studies 

Instructional Resources

STEP ONE: Learn about the revised standards 

District leaders and teachers
Review the revised standards for your grade level(s) or high school course(s). When available this spring, review supporting documents and videos. 

STEP TWO: Develop a local transition plan   

District leaders
  • Develop a plan for updating local curricula to address concepts and skills found in the revised standards, as well as complexity of thought expected. Use guidance documents, when posted, as well as our model three-year plan.  
  • Begin updating district curricula based on the standards revisions.  
  • Determine a plan for updating grade-level instructional plans to address concepts and skills found in the revised standards, as well as the complexity of thought expected. Use guidance documents for your grade or course when posted. 
  • Experiment with resources, strategies or classroom examples that address the revisions.  

STEP THREE: Seek professional development 

District leaders
  • Plan professional development for staff about the standards revisions and district curriculum updating efforts.
  • Begin participating in related professional development supporting deeper content knowledge, increased rigor and instructional practices.

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