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Ohio Social
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Updates from the Ohio Department of Education


Changes due to the COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has certainly presented challenges in providing education for Ohio’s students. At times of uncertainty, the role of social studies education becomes all the more important. This was certainly true with 911 and is certainly true with this crisis. Students are learning more geography as they learn about the connections and trade routes of the virus. They learn economic concepts like supply and demand and global supply chains. They learn civics concepts like rule of law, jurisdiction, and the balancing of civil liberties with public health. And, they have a greater understanding of skills such as contextualization, corroboration of evidence, and causality.

The Ohio Department of Education is doing a number of things to support teachers and students. It will be posting resources to help with distance learning. Please note that the professional learning opportunities offered in this newsletter are subject to change. At this time, assume they are still available.

Virtual Meetups

Each content area, including social studies, will provide virtual Meetups as a forum for teachers to discuss and share ideas. The Meetups will also provide professional learning opportunities for teachers.
The Ohio Department of Education appreciates the many questions it has received, and the priority educators have made to keep their students, staff and community healthy and safe. The Department is working to provide information and answers to the many questions that have been raised. Please know that the Department is working within its authority to provide schools with as much flexibility as it is able. Please check the website often for the latest updates.

Focus Inquiry in Social Studies workshop to be held this summer

Make inquiry the centerpiece of your classroom! That’s the goal for Focus Inquiry in Social Studies, a three-day workshop this summer provided by the Ohio Department of Education, in collaboration with the Ohio Center for Law-Related Education and Ohio History Connection. Participants will learn about the four dimensions of the Inquiry Arc in the C3 Framework, how to access primary sources, and how to weave inquiry into their grades or courses as part of daily instruction. The workshop will take place June 11-12 and July 16 at the Ohio History Connection in Columbus. There is no cost, and participants can earn college credit or contact hours. Register by May 1.