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Bringing Social Studies to Life With PBL
A teacher transforms her third-grade unit on Native Americans into a semester-long, project-based learning unit.

The Cherokee Response to Removal
This lesson plan offers insight into the Cherokee experience during the native group’s forced 19th-century relocation by the federal government in what became known as the “Trail of Tears.”

Exploring Media Literacy Education as a Tool for Mitigating Truth Decay
This report is by the Rand Corporation.
The Garbers: Using Digital History to Recreate a 19th-Century Family
An online archive, "Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities during the American Civil War," provides primary sources for elementary students.
Slavery Simulations: Just Don't
The Teaching in Tolerance website provides explains why mock auctions—along with simulations of the Middle Passage—do more harm than good. It provides resources for teaching this history more effectively.

Social Media in Education: Resource Toolkit
This collection of blogs, articles and videos aims to help educators deploy social media tools to develop professionally, connect with parents and communities, and engage students in 21st-century learning.