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Summer Opportunities


Intersections: East Asian and STEM Seminar

The East Asian Study Center is pleased to offer the following free professional development opportunity to educators in Ohio and Kentucky (teachers, administrators, librarians, other) about East Asia on The Ohio State University campus during the one-week summer seminar. The Intersections: East Asian and STEM seminar will provide Participants with the knowledge, resources, and expert guidance needed to incorporate or enhance curriculum about East Asia in the classroom. For those who live more than 30 miles away, on-campus housing and travel support will be offered, as well as parking tokens. Stipends and resources will also be provided. Application deadline is April 15.

C-SPAN's 2020 Summer Teacher Fellowship

C-SPAN's annual Teacher Fellowship program invites three teachers from across the country to join spend four weeks during July collaborating with the organization’s Education Department to develop new teaching materials using C-SPAN resources. Each Fellow receives an award valued at $7,000 which includes housing and travel expenses. Applicants should have familiarity with C-SPAN's programs and be able to demonstrate successful integration of C-SPAN's programming and lessons into their classrooms. Applications must be received by Friday, March 13. 

Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation’s Japanese American Incarceration Teacher Workshop

Teachers of grades 5-12 from around the country are invited to attend the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation’s  Japanese American Incarceration Teacher Workshop. Beginning with the stories of the first immigrants from Japan, the workshop will take participants through the Pearl Harbor attack and wartime hysteria that followed, to the incarceration, and eventually to the apology and redress payments by the federal government in 1988.Teachers will be guided in developing dynamic lessons using primary and secondary source materials, such as newspapers, artifacts and oral histories. Professional development contact hours will be provided, as well as university credits for a fee. The workshop will take place July 19-24 and July 26-31 at the WWII Heart Mountain confinement site in Wyoming. Successful participants will be awarded a $1,200 stipend to defray transportation and lodging costs upon completion of all parts of the workshop. There are no workshop fees. Applications are due March 1. 

American History and Civics Academies

The Center for Civic Education is implementing a multi-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education for Presidential Academies for teachers and Congressional Academies for high-need high school students. Fifty-one teachers and 102 students from throughout the country participate each year in the academies, with all expenses covered. The academies begin with a two-week institute in conjunction with exemplary scholars and mentor teachers. The academies will be held July 11-25 at Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland. The academies are free for participants. The application period for the 2020 academies is open now.

Updated summer professional development opportunities offered

A list of professional development opportunities for social studies educators will be updated through the spring. This information was compiled by Stefanie Wager, social studies specialist for the Iowa Department of Education and president-elect of the National Council for the Social Studies.  

Kent State University offers summer workshop on “Making Meaning of May 4: The 1970 Kent State Shootings in U.S. History”

Kent State University is hosting a workshop on Making Meaning of May 4: The 1970 Kent State Shootings in U.S. History, which will focus on the 50th anniversary of the event that took the lives of four students. This was a turning point in the Vietnam War and emblem of the student protest movement. Engage with the country’s most knowledgeable May 4 scholar-educators - including two of the nine surviving casualties on that day and two others who witnessed the shootings. Participants will access 50,000 digital resources in the May 4 Collection. Make meaning of the event to carry on the historical legacy through inquiry-based explorations with students. The workshop is for middle and high school teachers. The dates are June 21-26 and July 12-17 on the campus of Kent State University. Teachers will receive a $1200 stipend. Application is March 1.