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Online course offerings


Jewish Partisan Foundation launches e-courses

Nine online courses now are being offered by the Jewish Partisan Foundation. Each course comes with printable lesson plans and a detailed study guide.

Upcoming National Archives webinars

Check out this listing of webinars being offered throughout the fall by the National Archives. Topics include Women in Congress, Native American stories about the Lewis and Clark expedition and more.

Center for Civic Education provides course for teachers on the American Constitution

The We the People Open Course on Learn.civiced.org is a free opportunity for educators and others to learn more about the fundamental values and principles of American constitutional democracy. The course is self-paced and follows the content of the Center for Civic Education's nationally renowned We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution text. In each of the course's six units, a noted scholar explains topics related to the Constitution. Participants explore topics ranging from the philosophical foundations of the U.S. Constitution to its modern interpretation and the application of its ideals. Teachers and other interested people can take the entire course or just select the sections that interest them. The course is indexed with key concepts necessary for all citizens to know in understanding the American political system.

Teaching American History webinars

The TeachingAmericanHistory.org Saturday Webinars focus on the “Great American Debates.”
  • Secessionists vs. Unionists – Jan. 12
  • Imperialists vs. Non-Interventionists – Feb. 2
  • Election of 1932: FDR vs. Hoover – March 2
  • MLK vs. Malcolm X – April 6
  • The Great Society vs. Modern Conservatism – May 11
The Documents in Detail Webinars offers a close read and in-depth discussion of a single document in each episode.
  • Speech on the Repeal of the Missouri Compromise, Abraham Lincoln – Jan. 23
  • Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, Theodore Roosevelt – Feb. 20
  • “Fourteen Points” Message, Woodrow Wilson – March 20
  • 1944 State of the Union Address, Franklin D. Roosevelt – April 24
  • “Great Society” Speech, Lyndon Johnson – May 15