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C-SPAN Classroom Featured Resources 
This site has content organized by various topics and themes including Campaign 2020 resources, AP Government and Politics and chronological listings of its U.S. History resources.

The Danger of the Story of Both Sides
In this Teaching Tolerance article, “Combating ‘single stories’ is no longer as simple as including ‘multiple perspectives’ in the classroom. Whose stories are shared and why should be part of classroom discourse.”
Everything but the Coffee: Learning About the World from Starbucks
In his book, Everything But the Coffee, Simon connects our deepest desires to be good, smart, ethical consumers with our equally strong yearning to consume in authentic and highly individual ways. Our coffee, Simon shows, is us and we are our coffee. This webinar will look at Starbucks and the landscapes of coffee drinking in the United States and around the world.
The French and Indian War and Pontiac's War
Alan Gutchess gives a tour of the Fort Pitt Museum and talks about the French and Indian War and its effect on Pontiac's War that took place in the 1760s in this C-SPAN video.
High-Leverage Practices
The heart of the TeachingWorks focuses on a core set of fundamental capabilities that it calls “high-leverage practices.”
How to Remember Students’ Names
Instead of resorting to “Hey, you,” try these techniques for retrieving names.
iCivics (update for downloading)
When iCivics first started developing its fun and engaging civics games, Flash was the best tool in town. But times change, and now Flash has widely been replaced by HTML 5 and other platforms. Some of the site’s original games are still in Flash. Because of this, some games do not automatically load because many browsers are starting to block Flash in advance of Adobe ending support in December 2020. Users will need to make sure that Flash is enabled in the web browser that is being used.

Just the Facts: A Social Studies Lesson
In this Teaching Channel video, an elementary school teacher shows how she had her students create and present posters about American symbols.
Lights, Camera, Budget! A Free Personal Finance Game
In this game, students take on the exciting role of movie producer, making important decisions about everything from actors and directors to shooting locations and marketing strategy. Their job is to analyze the risks and rewards of each choice and its impact on the movie budget, with the goal of creating a blockbuster movie that doesn’t bust the bank.
Living Room Candidate
This site has presidential commercials from 1952 – 2016.
Media Literacy and Democracy
Professor John Splaine speaks to students about the importance of critical television viewing, media literacy and using a variety of sources of information. Following his remarks, he answers questions from the audience.
Media Saves the Beach
This video shows how a high school social studies teacher and high school science teacher integrate a lesson on how their students can affect policy.
National History Day
National History Day is an exciting academic enrichment program that helps students discover historical issues, ideas, people and events. This year-long academic adventure fosters students' enthusiasm for learning and their love for history.
The Nation's Capital and the Compromise of 1790
At Jones Point, in Alexandria, Virginia, author Michael Lee Pope talks about the city of Alexandria, Virginia and the creation of the nation's capital. In this C-SPAN video, Pope explains the Compromise of 1790 between Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton which dealt with state debt and the location of the capital.
Schools That Work: Mixing Art + Politics -- Integrated Studies in High School
In this Edutopia video, a social studies teacher and an art teacher share their strategies for creating successful integrated projects.
Teaching in the Wake of Violence
This guide from Facing History and Ourselves explores how teachers can navigate conversations with their students after news of a mass shooting, terrorist attack or other violent event. Such conversations are difficult. It also offers recommendations to help students engage with ongoing news coverage in a responsible way.
Tennessee State Library & Archives launches digital project to map paths of Revolutionary War soldiers
The Tennessee State Library & Archives has launched Patriot Paths, a new project that uses Revolutionary War pension records to map the paths that these soldiers took before and after their service.