Computer Science Standards and Model Curriculum

On March 23, 2018, Substitute House Bill 170 went into effect requiring the development of learning standards and model curriculum for computer science. These standards and model curriculum are expected to be adopted by the State Board of Education by Dec. 31, 2018. 

Computer science is defined in legislation as logical reasoning, computing systems, networks and the internet, data and analysis, algorithms and programming, impacts of computing, and structured problem-solving skills applicable in many contexts from science and engineering to the humanities and business.

Computer Science Standards and Model Curriculum Writing Team

The Ohio Department of Education is leading the development of the computer science standards and model curriculum for teachers of students in grades kindergarten through 12. This is a cross-office effort being led by the offices of Curriculum and Assessment, Career-Technical Education, and Innovation. Educators from the kindergarten level through higher education experienced with computer science and those who can make connections to computer science across content areas will be serving on the writing team.

We anticipate the first draft of the Computer Science Standards and Model Curriculum will be available for public review and feedback in July 2018.

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