Standards Revision - English Language Arts and Mathematics

Updates of Model Curriculum

Together with Ohio educators, the Department currently is updating the model curriculum originally adopted in 2011. The updating effort began this winter following the revisions to Ohio’s Learning Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts (adopted Feb 2017). Learn more about the model curriculum updates.

About the Standards (Revised 2017)

Ohio educators, many of whom engage daily with students, drove the process to make improvements to Ohio’s Learning Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts as part of a periodic review effort. In many cases, the changes reflect instruction already taking place in Ohio’s classrooms. The clarifications in the revised standards will guide districts in modifying, not replacing, existing local curriculum, instructional plans and materials. In addition to the information available now on this website, we will be providing additional resources to help educators learn about, and begin using, the revised standards.

Ohio’s Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, which were first adopted in 2010, explain the skills and knowledge students need to succeed. A standards review effort last year drew upon teachers' and parents’ experiences using the standards during the past six years. The State Board of Education approved the revisions to the standards in February 2017.

We recommend that educators learn about and incorporate the revised standards into their work. Ohio’s Learning Standards will continue to serve as the basis for Ohio’s State Tests. In 2018-2019, these tests will assess the revised standards.  

Learn about the standards revision effort

Learn about the standards 

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