Draft Model Curricula for English Language Arts and Mathematics

Not Yet Adopted by the State Board of Education

Together with Ohio educators, the Ohio Department of Education has been working to update each Model Curriculum for Ohio’s Learning Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts, originally adopted in 2011. The effort began last winter following revisions to those learning standards, which were adopted in February 2017. The revisions stemmed from needed edits to the standards and additional feedback received through public comment periods. Each model curriculum provides additional information and expectations to support districts and teachers implementing the revised Ohio’s Learning Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts. The State Board of Education is reviewing the model curricula this fall 2017 and anticipates State Board of Education adoption of each model curriculum in winter 2018.

The model curricula are organized by content area, grade or course.

Draft English Language Arts Model Curriculum

Kindergarten Grade 6
Grade 1 Grade 7
Grade 2 Grade 8
Grade 3 Grade 9-10
Grade 4 Grade 11-12
Grade 5  


Draft mathematics Model Curriculum

Kindergarten Grade 7
Grade 1 Grade 8
Grade 2 HS Algebra
Grade 3 HS Functions
Grade 4 HS Geometry
Grade 5 HS Number and Quantity
Grade 6 HS Statistics and Probability


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