Standards Revision in Fine Arts and World Languages

In 2012, the State Board of Education adopted the current version of Ohio’s Learning Standards for Fine Arts and World Languages. As part of the revision cycle for content area standards, the fine arts and world language standards are being updated through 2020.

The World Languages standards are intended to be adopted by the State Board of Education in early 2020. The Fine Arts standards are currently being reviewed by the advisory and working groups. After adoption, groups will be formed to create updated model curricula for each content area.


The writing and advisory groups for fine arts met this fall to review and revise the proposed 2019 Ohio’s Learning Standards for Fine Arts in respect to the five disciplines (visual arts, dance, drama/theatre, music, media arts). The Ohio Department of Education would like to sincerely thank all those involved in this process for their time and efforts. The Office of Learning and Instructional Strategies currently is working to complete the crosswalk between the 2012 and 2019 standards based on input from the writing group. The goal is to provide an updated version of the 2019 fine arts standards to both the writing and advisory groups in early 2020. Communication to the education community will follow. We look forward to producing quality standards that reflect the voices of Ohio fine arts educators.

Advisory Groups

An advisory group of education association representatives reviewed all survey comments. These groups determined where changes were needed and refered those standards to the working groups to draft the revisions.

Volunteer working groups

Working groups of educators drafted proposed standards revisions based on guidance from survey feedback and the advisory groups.

For more information or questions about the fine arts and world languages standards revision, please email

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