Model Curriculum Revision in Science, Social Studies and Financial Literacy

Ohio’s Model Curriculum helps educators teach and plan local curriculum that aligns with Ohio’s Learning Standards. These resources are important because Ohio’s State Tests are based on the learning standards. Together with Ohio educators, the Ohio Department of Education expects to update the model curricula this school year, following the State Board of Education’s approval of the revised learning standards in science, social studies and financial literacy. 

Educator Writing Teams

To assist with the update effort this year, educators who are content experts in Ohio’s Learning Standards volunteered to serve on multiple writing teams. These educators, from kindergarten through higher education, represent various geographic areas and types of schools. Therefore, the updated model curriculum will reflect best practices and the expertise of many Ohio educators.

About the Model Curriculum

From the inception of the original model curriculum, educators statewide have helped the Department meet its obligation in state law to develop this resource. The purpose of Ohio’s model curriculum is to provide clarity to the standards, as well as information to assist educators in planning and implementing their local curriculum. The model curriculum is not a complete curriculum nor is it mandated for use.

For more information

Cathy Holmes
Science Consultant
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Social Studies and Financial Literacy
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Social Studies Consultant
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