OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal Testimonials

OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal Testimonials

First_Solar.png“While a low unemployment rate is wonderful for the economy and community, it can make hiring new associates a real challenge.  The Workforce Readiness program will provide a fantastic pipeline of potential associates for years to come.  The skills being taught and demonstrated are skills that any employer would love to have. This program will provide quality employees to businesses and quality opportunities to those completing the program.”
Jay Lake, Manager Workforce Development and Community Relations
First Solar Inc. 

Kenan-Advantage-Group-Transparent.png"As North America’s largest tank transporter and logistics provider, we see thousands of applicants come through our offices every year seeking meaningful and rewarding employment. The 15 professional skills required by students to achieve the “Ohio Means Jobs – Readiness Seal” are fundamentals that we look for when hiring talent throughout our organization. We are fully supportive of the Ohio Department of Education, Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation and the Ohio Department of Higher Education in this initiative to provide Ohio students with the insight and skills needed to be productive future leaders.”
Dennis Nash, Executive Chairman
Kenan Advantage Group

CityApparelLogo.png"For nearly 20 years, City Apparel has been delivering smart, creative, identity solutions to clients nationwide. Talent development and employee engagement is critical to our success and the backbone of our organization. The Ohio Means Job Readiness Seal program is a promising path for our organization to continue to grow with new associates that are aligned with our company’s innovative and “ready to work” mentality. Our value statement calls for excellence in: People, Innovation, Service, Integrity and Ownership. Without these values aligning with job readiness, our company could not continue to thrive. Thank you, Ohio Means Jobs, for making this happen!"

Andrea Kramer, President
City Apparel

Kokosing-Orange.png“We are constantly striving to bridge the gap between construction job demand and qualified workers. The Ohio Means Job Readiness Seal, will be a great asset to us as we continue our efforts. The merits of the Seal, as well as personal development through the use of mentorship/coaching, closely reflects values that Kokosing works to demonstrate daily and will help us greatly in preparing the construction workforce of the future.”
Mark Osborn, Corporate Field Workforce Manager
Kokosing, Inc.

TPMA-Logo.png"Our clients include many employers who often stress the importance of the skills cited in the Readiness Seal. TPMA’s work with national initiatives related to additive and lightweight manufacturing gives us insight into the talents necessary for new and innovative strategies that must start with foundation skills such as those provided in the OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal. TPMA will continue to support the Ohio Department of Education, Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, and Ohio Department of Higher Education in its initiatives to prepare students for the workplace." | Read Full Testimonial

Thomas P. Miller, President & CEO
Thomas P. Miller & Associates

PCJFS-logo.jpg"OhioMeansJobs Portage County is the workforce division of Portage County Job and Family Services. We offer a variety of programs and services aimed at preparing our youngest job seekers--high school students--for careers after graduation. What the OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal does is put focus on the skills and proficiencies employers are looking for! Highlighting this information for students will assist them in being better prepared for both post-secondary education and the workforce."  

Mandy Berardinelli, Workforce Administrator
Portage County Job and Family Services

OA-Metal-Litho-Logo.png"The Ohio Art Company has been proudly manufacturing various products in the great state of Ohio for 110 years. Our success during our 11 decades relied on the skills, creativity, loyalty and dedication of our employees. Great products come and go; great people keep a company in business. Programs like the OhioMeansJobs are instrumental in ensuring companies like ours stay around for another several decades – providing stability in our community and opportunities for a meaningful standard of living for the people of our town."

Elena West, CEO
The Ohio Art Company

chamber.png“Talent development is a key issue for companies in our community. The Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal will be an additional tool that both students and companies can use to better prepare our future workforce.” 

Eric S. Phillips, Executive Director 
Union County-Marysville Community Improvement Corporation

DanMoore.png“As an employer in Northeastern Ohio for over 50 years, we understand firsthand the challenges and barriers that many face in gaining employment, particularly coming out of high school. This program provides a strong first step in the direction of ensuring that high school graduates are well prepared for their next steps in life – employment, post-secondary education or training, or both.” 

Dan T. Moore, CEO 
Dan T. Moore Company 

"The Waterworks/Comfortworks employs more than 110 people locally. 75% of which are working directly in the trade of Plumbing, Heating/Air-conditioning, Excavation and Mechanical Services."

"The OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal program should definitely benefit the young graduates as they prepare some of the basic that high school graduates will need entering the workforce."

David Specht, President
The Waterworks

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