Senior Only Credential Program

Boost the employability of every student graduating from high school with an industry-recognized credential.

The Senior Only Credential Program targets the specific needs of students in their senior year who have completed most of their curriculum requirements. They have time in their schedule to pursue an industry-recognized credential. Any public high school, including community schools, can offer the Senior Only Credential Program to any student.

Here is the list of all industry-recognized credentials. Look for the that identifies credentials students can earn in one school year. The list links to the credentialing organization for more information on how a student can earn this credential.

The list includes credentials in these 10 career fields:

Students who want to graduate using an industry-recognized credential must earn one credential or a combination of credentials in a single career field totaling 12 points and WorkKeys score of 13. WorkKeys is a job-readiness test many employers use. 

Schools and districts have great flexibility in creating a Senior Only Credential Program for their students. It allows a school district to schedule instructional time based solely on the learning standards or objectives needed for the student to achieve the industry credential.

Schools and districts can set up Senior Only programs through career-technical programs and/or through local curriculum.

Schools and districts that want to set up Senior Only programs through career-technical education programs should contact the career technical planning district for specific guidance on your application, EMIS reporting and accountability for credentials offered through a multi-year training program. Career technical planning districts’ deadline for approving new career-technical education programs for the 2017-2018 school year is March 1, 2017.

Schools and districts that want to set up Senior Only programs through local curriculum can contact Leah Amstutz for guidance on program delivery and EMIS reporting at or (614) 644-5924.

Last Modified: 12/7/2016 4:36:52 PM