Industry-Recognized Credentials and WorkKeys

Earning an industry-recognized credential and a WorkKeys score of 13 (14 for students in the class of 2020 and beyond) is one of three pathways to earn a high school diploma. When students earn industry-recognized credentials, schools and districts get credit on Ohio Report Cards for their success in preparing students for careers. | Watch the Credential Graduation Pathway webcast (Dec. 7, 2016)

What’s in it for students?

The process of earning an industry-recognized credential (and career-technical education in general) allows students to experience education through work, about work and for work. Students learn more deeply by practicing and applying their knowledge through work and employment experiences – learning through work. They learn about workplace expectations in terms of professional or “soft” skills needed for employment, as well as learning about career pathways and what the labor market for particular occupations looks like – learning about work. And, they learn the job-specific skills they will need to perform day-to-day tasks – learning for work.

What’s in it for schools?

Schools get credit in the Prepared for Success measure on the report card for students who earn approved industry-recognized credentials or groups of credentials. Including industry credentials in this component places an emphasis on the career readiness of students.

What’s in it for businesses and communities?

Finding, hiring and retaining high-quality employees is a monumental task. Industry-recognized credentials help employers validate the knowledge and skills of potential employees and saves valuable time in assessing the skills of job applicants. 

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