Reimbursement for WorkKeys Tests

WorkKeys is an industry-recognized, application-based assessment used to measure work readiness and can be used to satisfy components of Ohio’s graduation requirements. State law provides each student in Ohio the opportunity to take the WorkKeys test one time while in high school. The Ohio Department of Education will reimburse districts for each student to take all three parts of the test one time.

Important WorkKeys News
Beginning Monday, July 1, 2019, ACT WorkKeys Assessments in Ohio Department of Education (ODE) testing realms will cost $10.00 each instead of $8.33 each. Department reimbursement will increase to cover the new cost of each test. To access WorkKeys after July 1, you will need to sign an Amendment to your school’s Participation Agreement.
You will receive the Amendment this week via an email from DocuSign. Please sign the Amendment by Wednesday, June 26, 2019, for your school to have uninterrupted access to WorkKeys Assessments. If you sign the Participation Agreement after June 26, your site will have access about five business days after the date signed. Without a signed Amendment, the assessments will no longer be available to you.
 Important WorkKeys Information
  • You must register with the Department and WorkKeys to administer the WorkKeys assessment and receive reimbursement. You will receive a realm ID that is part of the state testing contract.
  • Please do not use a realm ID for an adult education center. Tests administered with an adult education center realm ID are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Paper testing is for students with accommodations only. When sending paper tests for scoring, place a scoring order and select the Ohio Department of Education as your testing program.
  • When registering students to take the test, please use the students’ SSIDs for their examinee/employee IDs on the registration. This is important for the reimbursement process.
  • The Department reimburses districts for WorkKeys testing. Districts are responsible for payments to ACT/WorkKeys.
  • The Department provides reimbursement for each student to take the three tests one time. Students may retest, but districts will not receive reimbursements for retests.
  • Applications for reimbursement should be made by June 30 of the school year in which students tested.
  • To begin the registration process for WorkKeys, contact: (614) 728-2759

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