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Click through each of the different pearls to find more information and resources on each of the various topics. The posting of each pearl does not necessarily mean it is recommended nor endorsed by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). These pearls are simply intended to be shared with educators of all kinds in the field as idea starters for what could be used in a classroom. We want to recognize this list is not encompassing of all resources; instead it is simply the beginning of what could be used. Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not any of the pearls will be useful in the classroom remains the decision of the educator him/herself. The Ohio English Language Arts group welcomes any feedback you might have about these resources. Please feel free to post comments on any pearl so other educators can read your feedback as they continue to evaluate these resources.

For iOS users who are unable to view the flash-based preview below, the Ohio English Language Arts Pearltrees web address is www.Pearltrees.com/Ohioela.

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