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Constitution Day (September 17) resources


Each year, schools nationwide help students understand the U.S. Constitution and its significance by commemorating Constitution Day. Educational institutions receiving federal funding are required to plan an education program celebrating Constitution Day. The ODE encourages schools to involve all students in grades K-12 in the celebration. Although Constitution Day is an annual event, the ODE also encourages schools to continue the study and discussion of our rights and responsibilities as U.S. citizens throughout the school year. As you plan your program, you may want to consider the following suggestions:

  •  Invite all teachers, parents and other community members when planning school-wide events;
  •  Engage students in meaningful activities aligned to the school’s curriculum and the Ohio   

 academic content standards;

  •  Plan programs with the current course of study in mind, connecting the topics and themes of  

 Constitution Day to age-appropriate activities and grade-level content;

  •  Although Constitution Day is a once-a-year event, continue the study and discussion of our rights

 and responsibilities as U.S. citizens throughout the school year.


The following resources may be useful in planning Constitution Day events and activities:

  • The National Archives and Records Administration celebrates Constitution Day by presenting related activities and lesson plans;
  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence features information from more than 30 federal agencies on teaching and learning, with topics including the U.S. Constitution;
  • The National Constitution Center is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing public understanding of, and appreciation for, the U.S. Constitution, its history and its contemporary relevance; and
  • The Library of Congress preserves valuable federal records including documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention of 1774-1789.
  • U.S. Department of Education’s Constitution Day website