Dual Alignment

Frequently Asked Questions 

New state tests based on Ohio’s Learning Standards will start during the 2014-2015.There are two former tests that will continue in the short term. In 2014-2015 school year, third-graders will take the Ohio Achievement Assessment in reading only. Students in the Class of 2014 through 2017 will continue to take the Ohio Graduation Tests if they still need to pass one or more sections. Both of these tests do not cover all the content of the learning standards.

Q. What does it mean to be dual aligned?

A.  The Ohio Department of Education, American Institutes for Research staff and committees of Ohio educators reviewed questions on the third grade Ohio Achievement Assessments and the Ohio Graduation Test, which originally aligned to the 2001-2002 standards. Reviewers decided if a question aligned to one of Ohio’s Learning Standards. If it did, the question stayed in the test bank for the 2014-2015. If it did not align to a  learning standard, the reviewers deleted the question.

Q. How are questions for each test selected?

A. The dual aligned questions in the tests must meet current blueprint and statistical requirements. Questions do not move from one grade level test to another grade level test.

Science: Questions identified as dual aligned and within the grade band are considered appropriate for the test. To meet the Ohio Graduation Test requirements, the following types of questions will still appear on Ohio Graduation Tests.

  • Earth Science items that are now in grades 7 and 8 in Ohio’s Learning Standards Earth Science content are not currently in high school Physical Science or Biology courses. Make sure students taking the OGT learn this material.
  • Science Process items will still be on the test.

Social Studies: The Ohio Graduation Tests for social studies in the future will be dually aligned with the focus on American History and Modern World History. However, in order to maintain the test requirements, or blueprints, of the social studies the Ohio Graduation Test, a few questions from the following 2002 benchmarks on the OGT 2014 -15 and beyond will be on People in Societies A-C; Geography A-C; Economics A-B; Government A-B; Citizens Rights & Responsibilities A-B.

English Language Arts and Mathematics: Questions identified as dual aligned and at or below the tested grade band are appropriate for the test.

Q. What standards should we focus on for the 2014-2015 school year?

A.  Ohio’s Learning Standards. By teaching Ohio’s Learning Standards, teachers are preparing students for the assessments they are taking. Teachers should prepare students on above content in science and social studies that will be included on the OGT.


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