Ohio Career Information System (OCIS) and Individual Academic and Career Plan (IACP)

OCIS and IACP are career search and planning tools for students of all ages. OCIS contains the latest national, state and local labor market data. Students can research careers and develop a plan to meet career goals

What is the Ohio Career Information System (OCIS)?

OCIS is a career and college search tool. You can use it to:

  • Learn about the different options for postsecondary education;
  • Research the most up-to-date career information available;
  • Find out what careers are in demand nationally and in Ohio;
  • Research colleges, universities and scholarship opportunities;
  • Read real-world interviews given by someone in your career of interest;
  • Find out how to prepare for a chosen career.

What is the Individual Academic and Career Plan (IACP)?

IACP is a tool to help OCIS users create personal academic and career plans. Users can save information from their OCIS searches and create a plan to meet their career goals. You can use it to:

  • Make sure you’re on track to graduate;
  • Create a resume;
  • Record information you will need on college and job applications, like extra-curricular activities, test scores and career-related courses;
  • Plan work-based learning experiences, such as job-shadowing.

Why should my child use the OCIS and IACP?

These tools take the next step beyond career and college searches. They help your child learn about and connect opportunities to their own learning process and inspire them to take an active role in planning for the future.

How do I get access to the OCIS and IACP for myself or my child?

Schools and community organizations pay a license fee to provide their students or community members with access to the OCIS and IACP. To get a login and password to access the site, you will need to contact an organization that has purchased a license. Check with your child’s school or a library to see if they purchased a license for OCIS. If they have, request a login and password.

Click here to learn more about the OCIS and IACP.

If you have questions about the OCIS and IACP, please contact Carolyn George at carolyn.george@ode.state.oh.us.

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