Models for Family and Community Engagement

The following are researched-based family and community engagement models to help school districts create effective practices.

The Ohio Collaboration Model for School Improvement makes school improvement a family and community priority. It is designed to help Ohioans close achievement gaps, increase graduation rates and improve the well-being of children. Each chapter of the model is presented below in Adobe Acrobat PDF files

For more information on the Ohio Collaboration Model for School Improvement, see:

The Family Friendly Partnership School combines the concepts of architecture and improvement planning to make schools family-friendly. This model also presents activities for family-community programs linked to student success. 

Ohio Schools and Epstein's Six Types of Parent Involvement, a series of talks by a senior advisor for the National Network of Partnership Schools and Ohio school district personnel. Delivered in June 24, 2010.

The Coalition for Community Schools offers a Framework for Increasing Student Success that defines how community schools should function and ensure the well-being of students, families and communities.

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