Family Friendly Partnership School - Communications


  • Along with Web sites and newsletters, don’t forget to communicate with families via audio and visual media to meet various learning styles.
  • Publish a school directory with e-mail addresses.
  • Communicate with families in their home language.
  • Communicate with parents in an understandable and uniform format and to the extent practicable, in a language that the parents can understand.
  • Keep communication as concise as possible. Always respect each family’s time.
  • Address communications DEAR FAMILIES not just Dear Parents. Not all children live with their biological parents and by using families, those living at the same residence will be included in the communication.
  • There is a suggestion/comment box at various points in the building, e.g. the main office, the guidance office, etc.
  • Encouraging feedback from the families as How did we do today? Give us a grade!
  • Pay attention to the suggestions, comments and grades put in the box and act upon on them.
  • Professional development opportunities are available for ALL staff concerning building relationships with families.
  • Business cards of all staff and volunteers are available.
  • Attend school board meetings and other opportunities for input and decision making.

Home language

For assistance with translation (home language – other than English) or recommendations of translators or oral interpreters, contact the Lau Resource Center

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