Site 2: School Building Signs

Our virtual tour of a Family Friendly Partnership School combines the concepts of architecture and improvement planning for a sustained program of actions by educators and families.

School Building Signs

  • The name of the school district, school building and street address are clearly marked on a sign near the road and also on the building itself.
  • Directional signs to guest parking or other traffic flow issues are clearly marked.
  • A weather-proof banner or a permanent sign, welcoming parents, families and the community is hung outside high above the entrance or inside near the entrance.
  • The banner or sign is in English and other languages. The welcome message is translated into languages representative of the school’s population. Check all translations with local people who speak these languages to be sure that the message is correct.

The banner above the front door of the Crestview Elementary School reads:  "Welcome to Crestview Elementary School - A Family Friendly School".  First impressions are very important and Ms. Webb, principal wants to make sure the families feel welcome and comfortable.

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