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The National Network of Partnership Schools

The National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) at Johns Hopkins University, directed by Dr. Joyce Epstein, guides schools and districts in developing goal-linked programs of family and community involvement to help students succeed in school (see Epstein, J. L., et al., (2002) School, Family and Community Partnerships: Your Handbook for Action, Second Edition, Corwin Press).

For more information on becoming a member, visit the NNPS Web site at and click "How to Join." Upon joining the national network, you become a member of the Ohio Network of Partnership Schools, coordinated by Ann Bohman, Educational Consultant at the Ohio Department of Education, at

Also see: Reaching All Families, Creating Famiy-Friendly Schools (1997) and Reaching All Families, Creating Famiy-Friendly Schools, Beginning of School Year Activities (2000), published by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U. S. Department of Education, edited by Oliver C. Moles.

National Family Friendly Partnership Collaborative


The Virtual Reality Tour of a Family Friendly Partnership School (FFPS), CD, from the Family Friendly Partnership School Web site, and a document on how to use the FFPS project to fulfill the parent involvement requirements of various programs and grants.

Ann Bohman
Federal Programs and Parent Involvement Consultant
Ohio Department of Education
Center for Accountability and Continuous Improvement
Office of Federal Programs
25 South Front, Mail Stop 404
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183
614-728-1640 voice mail
614-466-4161 office
FAX 614-752-1622

Debbie Hughes, Parent Coordinator
Riverside Local School District (IRN # 048090)
2096 County Road 24 South
De Graff, Ohio 43318-9406
937- 585-5981


Monica Causey, CMSW
Tennessee Parent Information and Resource Center (TPIRC) Project Director
615-269-7751 (extension 133)
615-478-5114 (business cell)
615-269-8914 (fax)
701 Bradford Ave.
Nashville, TN. 37204


  • Family – Friendly Surveys – customized for each school district
  • Family Friendly Checklist

Margaret (Peggie) C. O'Hare | PIRC Director
Parents’ PLACE
Massachusetts Parent Information & Resource Center
1135 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02120
Phone: 617-399-8344
Fax: 617-572-2094

Lee R. Soto, Statewide Coordinator of Technical Assistance to Schools
Parents’ PLACE
Massachusetts Parent Information & Resource Center
1135 Tremont Street
Boston, MA, 02120
Phone: 617-399-8332
Fax: 617-572-2094


Donna K. Marino, Parent Resource Coordinator
Middletown Public Schools
310 Hunting Hill Avenue
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: 860-638-1462
Fax: 860-347-2112

Judy Carson, Connecticut State Department of Education


Georgia Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools – part of the Georgia Family-Friendly Partnership School Initiative, a partnership between Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Parental Information and Resource Center (GA PIRC).

  • How Family-Friendly Is Your School?
  • Family-Friendly School Parent Survey (English & Spanish)
  • Family-Friendly Partnership School Walk-Through
  • Georgia Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools:
  • Achieve Elementary
  • Graduation Middle-High School

Michelle Tarbutton, Program Manager
Parent Engagement Program
Georgia Department of Education

Julie Hollis, State Director
Georgia Parent Information and Resource Center (GA PIRC)
404-881-3292 or 800-838-5784 ext 3292


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