Site 11: Parent Resource Center

Our virtual tour of a Family Friendly Partnership School combines the concepts of architecture and improvement planning for a sustained program of actions by educators and families.

Parent Resource Center:

  • The Parent Resource Center is located near the school entrance.
  • Parents are surveyed for ideas of what to include in the Parent Resource Center.
  • The Parent Resource Center is staffed with parent volunteers.
  • Signs and symbols direct people to the center, including a sign above the door.
  • An outside entrance is a good idea for access during hours when the school building is closed yet the center is open. (Security note: entering from outside would not allow participants to go into the rest of the building.)
  • Encourage the use of the building by community groups in accordance with district policy.
  • Centers may contain parenting books, videotapes, educational games and curriculum information on loan for parents to help their children succeed in the classroom.
  • The center is a place to meet others, a place to hold a meeting and a place to serve refreshments during the required Title I Annual Meeting.
  • Place toys and books in an area for small children who come with their parents.
  • A coffee pot, computer and/or tables to work on add to the usefulness of the center.
  • Multi-lingual specialists or volunteers are available there to assist non-English speaking parents.
  • Parent resource information is available, e.g. seminars, workshops, informational meetings like how to help with homework, assistance on being creative with academic assignments and activities that challenge the child while away from school, etc.
  • Information posters on "Effective Ways to Encourage Your Child" and "At-Home Teaching Strategies" lists of organizations and educational agencies that parents can join to help their child succeed in and outside the classroom are placed on walls throughout the building as well as in this center.
  • Lists of emergency/health care phone numbers, e.g. poison control center, free health care clinics, etc. are available.
  • Community social services are available at the center.

The parent resource room in Crestview Elementary School is conveniently located near the school entrance. It is a warm and inviting place to get information. It provides a play area for parents with small children. The resource room houses community information and a family suggestion box. It can serve as a meeting place, volunteer check-in and tutoring space.

Westerville City Schools, in partnership with OHIO HEALTH, is supporting a Parent Resource Center.  The Center is located in the new Ohio Health building, where Westerville City Schools pay $1.00 a year rent. Families may drop in, with their children, to look at materials and to get information. LEP testing and enrollment information/registration is also available at the Center.

Title I Annual Meeting

No Child Left Behind Act, Title I, Section 1118 (c)(1)POLICY INVOLVEMENT-Each school served under this part shall--convene an annual meeting, at a convenient time, to which all parents of participating children shall be invited and encouraged to attend, to inform parents of their school’s participation under this part and to explain the requirements of this part and the right of the parents to be involved;

  • Have name tags list your child or children’s name along with the adult’s name. This helps the school staff identify the parent/family and address them in a welcoming manner.
  • Before or during a school meeting, distribute a glossary of educational terms, abbreviations and/or acronyms, so the attendees can understand what is being explained and/or discussed.
  • Attend school board meetings and other opportunities for input and decision making.

Multi-lingual specialists

For assistance with translation (home language – other than English) or recommendations of translators and/or oral interpreters, please visit the Lau Resource Center page for additional information.

Subject Reference(s):

The Ohio Department of Education, Ohio School Climate Guidelines (Adopted by the State Board of Education 10/04), GUIDELINE 7 - Engagement of Parents and Families in School-Home Learning Partnerships Maximizes the Potential for Effective Instruction and Student Learning, Benchmark A: Communication between home and school is regular, two-way, and meaningful. 17. A space or place for parents (e.g., a lounge, a parent-family resource center) is created at the school.


Promising Partnership Practices 2004, National Network of Partnership Schools, Johns Hopkins University, Shadowlawn Parent Center, Shadowlawn Elementary School, Miami, Florida. For more information about this Parent Resource Center, contact Barbara Rosenblatt, Chairperson for Parent Involvement, (305) 758-3673,

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