Site 5: Staff/Teacher Showcase

Our virtual tour of a Family Friendly Partnership School combines the concepts of architecture and improvement planning for a sustained program of actions by educators and families.

Staff/Teacher Showcase:

  • On the wall by the door are the pictures, brief biography, degrees and/or something that [makes them unique/life’s motto of all the staff (include janitors, cooks, secretaries, etc.). This showcase enables the family visitor to recognize these people.]
  • This information would be valuable to add to the district/building Web page. District and school Web sites are a good way to reach families with this information too.

To see a Staff/Teacher Showcase, visit the Cardington-Lincoln schools. Each building (elementary, intermediate/junior high, and the high school) has a showcase of all staff members on the wall near the school’s entrance. Wooden plaques contain a picture of the staff member, along with their names and degrees.

District Superintendent, Mark Wilcheck, says they are proud of the whole staff and want the public to recognize them for contributing to the education of the student population. The showcase lets the public know and learn about each staff member and it contributes to the friendliness of the building.

Listed staff degrees contribute to meeting the Parents Right-to-Know Section 1111 (h) of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. 

At the beginning of each school year, the local educational agency (LEA) notified parents in all Title I-served buildings that they may request information regarding the professional qualifications of the student’s classroom teachers, 1111 (h).

The showcase also supports NCLB, Section 1119 (a) Highly Qualified requirement.

The LEA ensures that all teachers in core subjects are Highly Qualified (HQ) by the end of the SY 2005-2006, 1119 (a).

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